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Microbial Risk Assessment

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    Microbial Risk Assessment

    Microbial risk assessment (MRA) is a systematic approach to aid our understanding of complex food systems and to translate the potential presence of pathogens in the food production, processing, and preparation environments into statements of the likelihood and magnitude of a food safety risk defined in terms of adverse public health outcomes.

    Microbial risk assessment (MRA) is used to collect and analyse relevant information on emerging or uncharacterised foodborne pathogens and should lead on to risk management and communication with the objective of minimising their adverse impact on human health. Users of the output of a risk assessment will fall into two major groups – regulatory and industrial. Regulatory officials will be interested in identifying the potential for materials either produced or imported into a country to carry these pathogens. Their aim will be to identify appropriate measures to control exposure of the population. But, on the other hand, they also need to ensure that a balance is struck between protection, over-cautious application of the precautionary principle when good information does not exist, and freedom of trade and consumer choice. Industrial producers will be interested in the challenge posed by these pathogens to their existing supply chains, product designs, process conditions and consumer markets.

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